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About us
We offer alternative living accomodation to young people between the ages of 15 and 27 - without restrictionsabout origin, culture or religion.
Our rooms are for young people who are either apprentices or students and due to either personal or social reasons are not able to live at home with their parents.
We also offer rooms for short term-periods if educational courses in Stuttgart are necessary.
Our aim is to help in all areas of life, if necessary with the help of qualified counselors.
We have a wide variety of further educational- as well as leisure activities.
The legal rights of the Youth Hostels are based on § 13 - KJHG (Jugendsozialarbeit)
Grants and allowances can be applied for at the appropriate departments.

Publ. Transport
Blumhardt-/ Elisabeth-Stahl-Haus

Ev. Wohnheime Stuttgart e.V.

Tel.: 0711/669 67 10
Fax: 0711/669 67 13
Female pupils, Apprentices students Selfcatering in house-kitchen 82 / 94 places female.
age 18 - 27
Ludwigstr. 15
70176 Stuttgart

city map *
S1 - S6, Feuersee
U4, U9 Schloss-/Johannesstr.

schedule *
CableTV, Video, Piano, Table-tennis, Games/Common-rooms, Counseling, Fitsness room Library Cleaning of commonroom, Washing, Club-telephone 176 Singles
furnished, Tel.+ CableTV

IN VIA Katholischer Verband für Mädchen- und Frauensozialarbeit Diözese Rottenburg - Stuttgart e.V.

Tel.: 0711/24 89 31-0
Fax: 0711/24 89 31-31
Block students, Apprentices, Trainee students, Young workers, Course participents, students Full / half Board, breakfast-buffet 109 places Female
age 16 - 27
Olgastr. 62
70182 Stuttgart

city map *
U5, U6, U7, U15, Bus 41 (Olgaeck)
U1, U2, U4 (Rathaus)

schedule *
Workshop, TV, Library,Piano Music room, Common room, Counseling, Leisure / educational activities Washing- drying facilities
Full Board: Rooms cleaned, Bedding;
Floor telephones
61 Singles
24 Doubles

Jugendwohnheim - Jugendgästehaus
Ev. Wohnheime Stuttgart e.V.

Tel.: 0711/29 22 36
Fax: 0711/615 84 77
Apprentices, Block Students, Retraining students, Day guests Full and self catering, common kitchen (Eating facilities) 76 Places male / female
Leuschnerstr. 60
70176 Stuttgart

city map *
U 9 Schloss-/Johannesstr.

schedule *
TV, Video, TT, Kicker, Billiard, Party room, Fitness room, Workshop, Library, games, Weekend café Washing- drying fac., Rooms cleaned 2. weekly, Club telephone, Kiosk (drinks + sweets) 12 Singles
32 Doubles
Jugendwohnheim/ Jugendgästehaus Stuttgart

Internationaler Bund

Tel.: 0711/24 89 73-0
Fax: 0711/24 89 73-18
School or working, courses , Youth help or - Rehabiltation courses, School outings (international), Travel and seminar Groups, Short term guests, Hitch-hikers Full and half board possible, breakfast- buffet and evening meal 100 Places male/female
age 16-27
Richard Wagner Str. 2
70184 Stuttgart

city map *

schedule *
TT, Billiard, Kicker, SAT TV, . Housebar, Working rooms, Audiovisuelle Medien, Conference rooms, Leisure and International Meetings Youth Info Desk, Washing/ drying fac., Club-telephone, Floor telephones, Rooms cleaned, Bedding, Garden, BBQ, Playing and Relaxing area, Quiet area at the edge of the City 21 Singles
30 Doubles
6 - 3 bed rooms
Kolpinghaus Bad Cannstatt

Stuttgarter Kolpinghäuser e.V.

Tel.: 0711/955 933 0
Fax: 0711/955 933 30
Pupils, Students, Apprentices, Block students Full / Half Board, Breakfast-buffet 120 Places male
30 Places female
age 16-27
Waiblinger Str. 27
70372 Stuttgart

city map *
U 1, 2, 13 Wilhelmsplatz
S1, S3 Bhf Bad Cannstatt

schedule *
Internet-Office, Kicker, Film, Handwork, Fotolab. TT, TV, Library, Café, Fitness room Washing/ drying fac., Rooms cleaned, Bedding 128 Singles
28 Doubles
Kolpinghaus Stuttgart-Zentral

Stuttgarter Kolpinghäuser e.V.

Tel.: 0711/64 951-0
Fax: 0711/64 951-55
Pupils, Students, Master craftsmen, Retraining pupils Full / Half Board 181 Places male
19 Places female
age 16-27
Heusteigstr. 66
70180 Stuttgart

city map *
U1, U14 Österreichischer Platz

schedule *
Internet-office, TT, Basketball, Football, Ice-skating, Cable TV , Trainings room for Musicians, Fitness- Rooms, Video, House-bar, Fotolab., Games (to borrow), Bowling, Volleyball, Daily activities, Church Services, Counseling Washing/ drying fac., Rooms cleaned, Card and coin Tel., Floor telephones 127 Singles
33 Doubles
Jugendwohnheim Moserstraße

Verein für internationale Jugendarbeit

Tel.: 0711/23 94 1 0
Fax: 0711/23 94 1 40
Pupils, Apprentices, Young worker, Students, Guests Breakfastbuffet, Full / half Board, Kitchen/Common rooms 55 Places female
age 16-27
Guests male / Female
Moserstr. 10
70182 Stuttgart

city map *
U1, U14, 42 Staatsgalerie

schedule *
Fotolab.Workshop, TT, Piano, Library, Volleyball, Video, Leisure activities, Day trips Washing fac., Club-Telephone, Garden, Balcony 27 Singles
14 Doubles

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